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  • black printed scarf
  • block print scarf
  • handmade indian scarf
  • black block print scarf
  • black stole
  • black wrap


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This was an experminent gone right! It's a play of colors and different printing techniques! We love to experiment with mixing the traditional ways with modern twists. Here you'll find colors together that are hard to see in traditional block printing with natural dyes. 

  • hand printed using carved wooden blocks
  • hand dyed in natural dyes
  • color - grey, beige, gold, and hints of indigo
  • 25% silk, 75% cotton
  • 34" x 78" - inches

Craft Story: Block printing


* Please note that sizes may vary 1-2 inches and color variance may occur based on the intake of natural dyes per fabric

CARE: Be respectful of the fiber and give it a gentle hand wash for the first few washes. Be aware of any color bleeds in the first few washes.