How you can help by making cotton face masks for hospitals

Posted by Rachna on 28th Mar 2020

The hospitals in the U.S. are getting swamped by Covid-19 patients and are at a point where they are running out of N95 masks and PPE equipment! There's a fabric mask sewing movement sweeping the nati … read more


Posted by Rachna Kumar on 27th Jun 2017

TRADITIONBack in the days, India, specifically the region of Rajasthan, was filled with multiple tribes who were known by the work they did. One of those groups were the block printers. They used to … read more

Block printing in India and weaving

28th Jan 2017

This year's (2016) Block Printing in India was very special! Special because a lot happened! To our surprise, when we met the block printers, we were welcomed with not 1, not 2, but many flower g … read more

A few looks behind the scene

9th Apr 2016

Each time is filled with a lot of color and prints. Here are a few images of what went on behind the scenes from blocks, printing, dyeing, and finally the party! After our meeting with the artisa … read more

Ichcha for Artisans

1st Feb 2016

We are always looking for ways to encourage the dying craft of block printing and the artisans that are working so hard to keep it going. Along with that we would like to bring forward the artist behi … read more

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