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Best Curtain Photography Contest

14th Jul 2014

And here are the entries ...And the winner is ........Betsy Grunch!  Thank you Betsy for sharing the window curtains with us!!  Your gift certificate has been emailed to you! Enjoy!Winn … read more

Trip to a colorful world of the Artisans

Posted by ladycreation on 1st Aug 2011

It was a colorful world – whether we visited the block printers in Rajasthan or the embroidery workers in Gujrat! A craft tour with Neha Gandhi of Matsya to the western parts of India, gave us an ins … read more

Let us create a ripple …

Posted by ladycreation on 21st Aug 2010

Why I want to volunteer? In my view, volunteering isn’t about fixing the world’s problems and getting immediate results. I think volunteering is really two-folds, where one is under the impression … read more

Roadmap of my 7 hour stroll by Thames River going south …

Posted by ladycreation on 1st Aug 2010

Wednesday, July 21 2010, I went on a 7 hour stroll in London by me, myself, and I ;)Starting Point:  Tower HillDestination: Westminster BridgeIt was a very very interesting stroll.  It was … read more

My placement in Peru …

Posted by ladycreation on 1st Jan 1970

Let me tell you a little about my volunteer placement. I have been placed in a school called ‘Anjo Gabriel’. It is a school of special education & therapy for mentally and physically handicapped chi … read more

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