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Posted by Rachna Kumar on 27th Jun 2017

TRADITION Back in the days, India, specifically the region of Rajasthan, was filled with multiple tribes who were known by the work they did. One of those groups were the block printer … read more

Trip to a colorful world of the Artisans

Posted by ladycreation on 1st Aug 2011

It was a colorful world – whether we visited the block printers in Rajasthan or the embroidery workers in Gujrat! A craft tour with Neha Gandhi of Matsya to the western parts of India, gave us an ins … read more

Saturday Morning

Posted by Ruchika Kumar on 1st Jan 1970

India is great for still retaining the hand dyers, the printers, and the tailors. And working on Ichcha has brought into light how many things we can do for ourselves utilizing these great tools. &nbs … read more

The transformation

Posted by Rachna n Ruchika on 1st Jan 1970

The tree has many forms and my journey to capture the movements might just keep continuing because I can't get enough of it. It's sort of crazy but I think I'm obsessed with Trees. :) This marks … read more

Ichcha Summer 2013

Posted by Ruchika Kumar on 1st Jan 1970

Our Etsy shop has a discount for new customers! Check out Returning customers can send us a convo for their own special discount code!Also, view our Sum … read more

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