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Purple Tote Bag

We've up-cycled our fabrics to make a bag that's perfect for re-using it again and again when you go for your groceries or a weekend trip! We are so excited to tell you that no new fabric was printed for the making of this bag, and thus this makes it a perfect re-cycled product. Born from re-usability and made for re-usability.  It has a 2" gusset that expands as the items you add. It has a small pocket inside to keep your phone, or any such small items. It's 100% washable. Plastics have been choking our oceans and all the animals in it. We carry our own bags to the grocery stores and thus stopped bringing home any plastic bags. Imagine if we ALL did the same thing, there will be no demand for the plastic bags and thus, there will be no plastic bags. 



  • block printed using carved wooden blocks
  • hand dyed in natural dyes 
  • color: lavender, pink
  • fabric: 100% heavy weight cotton
  • approximately 16" x 16" - inches with a gusset of 2"

Craft Story: Block printing


* Please note that sizes may vary 1-2 inches and color variance may occur based on the intake of natural dyes per fabric

CARE: Be respectful of the fiber and give it a gentle hand wash for the first few washes. Be aware of any color bleeds in the first few washes.

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