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Block Print Napkins & Linens

Our block print napkins and kitchen linens are made entirely by hand from start to finish. My sister and I design them here in New York and work with artisans in India to create them. In India, the cotton is first sourced from organic cotton farmers and then spun into yarn. It is then hand woven on a loom into a plain white fabric cloth by our weavers. The cloth then gets printed on by hand using a carved wood block and dyed only in natural dyes. What comes out are truly handmade and sustainable table linens.


The block print cloth napkins come in beautiful colors that come from mother nature. For example, our blue napkins come from the indigo plant. They come in size 19" square. From our left over fabric, we make Every Day Towels and small cocktail napkins that come in 8" squares. 


Pair our block print napkins with table runners and/or the tablecloths and you've got a beautiful setting. They also make thoughtful holiday and wedding gifts.


Your purchase supports the farmers, weavers, and the block print artisans.

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