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What Kind of Napkins Are Best for Weddings?

What Kind of Napkins Are Best for Weddings?

Posted by The Ichcha Team on 21st Jun 2024

It's your big day, and you want everything to be perfect, from the décor down to your choice of napkins. So, what’s the best fabric for wedding napkins?

While linen is a favorite choice, cotton is also a perfect material for wedding napkins as it is absorbent, biodegradable, and less expensive. If you're conscious of the environment and cost, consider using 100% organic cotton napkins for your wedding reception.

There are trends, but the choice is all up to you. We'll go over the standard napkin options so you can find what aligns with your style.

But why in the world should you care about the kind of wedding napkin to use?

Wedding Napkins: A Minute but Highly Delicate Element

Draped napkins at place settings at wedding guest table


Everyone knows wedding napkins are for wiping food stains. But they do more than that. Wedding napkins can be the final piece that ties up your overall reception décor.

You'll see that when you look at your wedding reception photos weeks later, especially when you’re creative with your napkin folds.

However, there are different types of napkins; not every type will fit into every stage of your ceremony. Using the correct type of wedding napkins shows you pay great attention to detail, and you'll have fewer guests complaining.

For weddings, there are generally three types of napkins based on size: dinner napkins, luncheon napkins, and cocktail napkins.

Dinner napkins are large-sized napkins big enough to wipe food stains over two or more courses. So, if you plan to serve a multiple-course meal, you want each guest to have a napkin that won’t be covered in oil just after the first course.

Luncheon napkins are mid-sized napkins measuring 14-16 inches, just large enough for one or two-course meals.

As for cocktail napkins, these are used to hold glasses during cocktail hour. They are also served with appetizers. Think cake time! They're small, so you can use them once and discard.

Obviously, you need to be careful when choosing napkins for your big day. Typically, you'll want to go for wedding dinner napkins if you're serving several courses.

But that's not all.

Some napkins wipe stains better than others. And some are more exotic. Ideally, you want to choose your napkin fabric based on your event's overall mood and theme.

Best Materials for Wedding Napkins

Here are the best fabrics to consider when shopping for wedding napkins:


Linen is the general consensus when it comes to the best material for wedding reception. Reason is simple: linen exudes elegance. Luxury. Sophistication. And that's why they're the most expensive kind of napkins.

For formal events with many dignitaries, linen napkins can be the ideal choice.


Cotton napkins are a timeless choice for any wedding reception. Known for their softness and absorbency, they offer premium comfort to your guests.

If you're creating an eco-conscious wedding theme, go for napkins made of organic cotton. This is the most eco-friendly option, even more sustainable than linen. Cotton is also more affordable than linen, making it an ideal napkin fabric for a budget wedding.


Polyester napkins are also an affordable choice for your special day. They're pretty sleek but less luxurious than linen.

However, if you’re mindful of the environment, you'll want to steer clear of polyester napkins. Polyester is made of plastic and hence is not biodegradable. In landfills, this material can release humongous amounts of toxic materials into the environment.


Satin is also a standard fabric for cloth napkins because of its glossy texture. When light hits it, the sheen can add refinedness to the table setting. It can also complement formal and black-tie weddings perfectly.

But satin can be quite a pain for your guests, as it keeps sliding off the thighs. It's also not the most absorbent of fabrics.


Wedding napkins made of paper are widely used because they’re cheap. But there's usually a debate between paper napkins vs cloth napkins, especially among eco-conscious people.

Paper has a higher environmental impact than cloth napkins. So, even though you're a regular guy, you'll want to consider the possibility that some of your guests will care a great deal about the environment.

Plus, paper napkins might not tie well into the overall elegance of your decor. So it’s usually best to use cloth napkins for the wedding reception—preferably cotton or linen.

Where to Get Bulk Cloth Napkins for Weddings?

Looking for bulk cloth napkins for your wedding reception? Visit Ichcha today! We offer a stunning array of 100% organic, block-printed cloth napkins in both plain and vibrant designs. Each napkin is handwoven and crafted with natural dyes, ensuring every step of the process is done with the environment in mind.

Beautify your table setting and impress your eco-conscious guests with our eco-friendly wedding dinner napkins.

        bulk cloth wedding napkins

The Bottom Line

As you can see, wedding napkins are not something to be overlooked when planning your wedding decor. It's not just about functionality; the size and material you choose can be the difference between your guests being impressed or uncomfortable during mealtime.


Which Material is Best for Napkins?

While linen is considered the best material for napkins due to its elegance, organic cotton may be a better choice if you’re concerned about cost and your carbon footprint. Organic cotton is more eco-friendly than linen and is highly absorbent.

How Many Cloth Napkins Should I Order for a Wedding?

The best practice is one dinner napkin per wedding guest, 1-2 luncheon napkins per guest, and 3-4 cocktail napkins per guest. If you don’t intend to serve more than a two-course meal, you don’t need to buy both luncheon and dinner napkins. Make do with one type.

What is the Best Napkin Fold for a Wedding?

The square fold, pocket fold, and knotted napkin fold are some of the best napkin folds for weddings. Check out this blog to see more.

Is It Better to Use Paper Or Cloth Napkins?

Paper napkins can be pretty cheap for one-time use. But if you plan to care for and reuse the item, cloth napkins are more sustainable and cost-effective in the long run. Cloth napkins also add a touch of sophistication to your event in ways paper napkins cannot.

Where to Buy Cheap Cloth Napkins for Wedding?

Visit Ichcha to buy affordable cloth napkins for your wedding reception. Find wedding dinner napkins in bulk in various colors, patterns, and sizes.

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