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Ahsaay Baal Aashram

Posted by ladycreation on 1st Jan 1970

The other day, my cousin took me to an orphanage where they often go. The orphanage, Ahsaay Baal Aashram, is located and is surviving in a slum area called Nangloi. There were several boys there who are orphans, all adopted by this old man named Mr. Sharma. He started this orphanage with his wife. She passed away, but he has taken on her dream and is following it through, as his own.
Below is Mr. Sharma with the boys:

The boys seemed very disciplined; they are required to follow a schedule:

They are required to come and go to and from the orphanage in a group so that none of the slum kids harm them in any way. The kids from the slum are welcome to join the orphanage if they are orphans, but they choose not to. They prefer their life of “liberation”.

This is the space the 40+ kids share:

And it was great to see this computer room donated by several people:

A kid got up and narrated so beautifully – “Mat baanto insaan ko” (Don’t divide humans)

My cousin goes to this place usually for his kids’ birthdays to share new types of food and drinks with the boys – something they might have not eaten/drunk before. It brings a little bit of the outside world to their little orphanage. Any one is free to do the same. Or if you would like to donate, please go their website and see how you can donate. This is a place where you can rest assure that your money will be used for the right reasons.

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