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Roadmap of my 7 hour stroll by Thames River going south …

Posted by ladycreation on 1st Aug 2010

Wednesday, July 21 2010, I went on a 7 hour stroll in London by me, myself, and I ;)

Starting Point:  Tower Hill

Destination: Westminster Bridge

It was a very very interesting stroll.  It was all by the river Thames going south.  The pictures below will show the interesting characters I saw when I got closer to the Westminster Bridge :)  I felt as I was not a tourist – just a free bird exploring ;) with oodles of time and really no hurry to get anywhere :)

My Stops:

  1. Passed Tower Hill Castle
  2. Strolled in and out of Tower Hill Shop
  3. Stopped at Paul snack shop for a raisin escaralot ..very yummy :P (I think that is what it is called)
  4. Started walking by the River Thames again and saw the Tower Bridge
  5. Sat by the river and wrote in my journal :)
  6. Then I crossed the Tower Bridge to the other side

7. Started walking south by the river and saw the View of Tower Bridge from the other side

8. Stopped at the ‘The Scoop’ – an area where they play live music during lunch times

9. Passed by the Ship Museum – the Ship that went to war during WWII

10. Strolled into Some Gallery – it had small shops

11. Passed Through the Gallery to the other end – saw the ‘Britain At War’ Tube Station Model ( Wow ! )

Britain at War Tube Station Model

12. Came Out of the gallery back strolling by the River
13. Passed the London Bridge
14. Took a picture of the Tower Bridge from the London Bridge
15. Went back on the way, saw the ‘Southwark Cathedral’ so – I went in, took pictures, sat a bit and lighted a candle

Southwark Cathedral

16. Out again parallel to the river ..
17. Passed by a broken wall

a broken wall on my path ..

18. Saw the Shakespeare’s Globe – contemplated taking the tour – then walked out – I will come back later !!
19. Then came ‘Tate Modern’ Museum of modern art !  I went in ..but This needs a blog of its own – Umm I didn’t get it !!

Do you get it ?!!

Ok, fine! How about this one ?!!

No ?! Ok ok - this you should totally get !! ;)

Hahaha – I will only look at you weird if you got any of that !!  I didn’t !

The view from a window of 'Modern Tate' - the Millenium Bridge & St Paul's Cathedral

20.  After the museum, I was back strolling by the river, and I passed the ‘Millennium Bridge’ (which gets confused with the Hungersford Bridge ! )

Passing the Millenium Bridge

21.  Saw a man on a ledge overlooking the river.  He seemed to be preparing a romantic dinner for someone ;)  He was making a pitcher of Sangria :P How Sweet !!

Awww ...

22. Then came the ‘black friars bridge’ – which I accidently went on ..
23. Then I cam back and went on the route I was originally walking on :P
24. And made it to a small place with small restaurants – One such place had wooden seats (looked stony) made of different shapes ex. Animals ..very cute

Do you see the cat and the elephant benches ?

25. Now as I got closer to the ‘Westminster Bridge’ I saw very interesting characters ..
26. First was a lady – she did a trick with a ball .. very delicately moved the ball around on her arms.  I was wondering is it our eyes that is playing the trick or is it really her ?

27. The Next character or characters, I should say – a headless couple ..haha looked amazing

The Headless Couple ^_^

28. Then a robotic lady – in white – who would smile .. I haven’t seen any robots that smile !

Robotic lady in white that smiles :)

29. Then a character that was dressed in an animal – I’ve never seen – looked hilarious

animal or shags ?

30. Then I passed by an Egyptian looking Robotic character (woman).. very funny concept, I thought !

a She Robot with a 'head-cover', hmmm ...

31. Then I passed ‘The London Eye’ and then finally made it to the Westminster Bridge (My Final Destination )

That's the Westminster Bridge :)

32.  On the bridge:

Final Destination of the day :D

33.  And finally, I met my sister at the Westminster Station and went to King’s Cross for some Ethiopian food with Nagar Uncle :P  Yumm !

A sweet ending to a tiring but sweet day :)

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