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Candle Gift Set

Nighttime Gift Set

For this holiday, we joined hands with another small business, Candles by Melissa 4 U, and created this beautiful gift set for you. Our gift box includes a lavender soy and coconut wax blend candle + a weighted eye pillow filled with lavender and flax seeds.

The candle is hand poured in Brooklyn, NY, in a recycled and reusable amber glass jar. It is beautifully topped with organic dried lavender and amethyst crystals. The wooden wick creates a beautiful crackling sound when lit. Affirmation: "I am lit" graces the candle. Yes, pun intended!

The lavender eye pillow comes nicely weighted at 13 oz and is covered in ichcha naturally dyed fabric that is removable. It can be used for either cold or warm therapy. For more details about it, click here

Gift it to someone who needs that affirmation and that day of putting their legs up and just relaxing. There is nothing like being in your bed while feeling like you are in a Spa.  


  • Lavender is known to create calmness and promote relaxation and sleep
  • Amethyst crystals is known to promote spiritual awareness and opens intuition
  • includes:
    • 1 lavender candle (9 oz) - estimated 50 hr burn
    • 1 lavender eye pillow (13 oz)


  • After the candle finishes, let the glass jar sit in boiled water so that the left over wax melts. Pour out the wax and you can reuse the glass jar.
  • For the Eye Pillow, you can always refresh it by adding in some drops of Lavender essential oil on top of the pillow. Add Eucalyptus essential oil for help with the sinuses.


Craft Story: Block printing


CARE: Be respectful of the fiber and give it a gentle hand wash for the first few washes. Be aware of any color bleeds in the first few washes.

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