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Craft Stories




Block printing was the way people used to print when machines were not there - printing with hand using a wooden block. The continuous thumps against the wooden table creates a surprising musical. As the artisan trains he develops a unique talent of creating a lyrical world, block by block covering the canvas with lines & shapes. The primitive craft continues to breathe in the homes and wandering galis (lanes) of India. We aim to bring this gali closer to you.



Dyed in a bath of natural minerals and flowers. Each fabric is carefully folded into dye vats and then dried on the ground under the beaming sun. Most fabrics dry quickly in the Indian hot summers. They then get washed in open tubs to remove of any extra color. 



It starts with the organic farmers from whom communities we are working with are joined.  The cotton that they get from the farmers are hand spun into thread which is then woven in this handooms into fabric we use.  The fabric that comes from hand spun and hand woven cotton is known as "Khadi". Khadi was a movement started by Mahatma Gandhi back in the yesteryears to promote the idea that Indians can be self-reliant and can break away from the British rule. 

We also work with dhurrie weavers who weave the dhurries on a primitive hand loom. As few as two families are left in the region doing that form of dhurrie. Others have left their traditional work for more lucrative jobs. We wish to support these dhurrie weavers continue their tradition and work they love! 






We work with NGOs that work with tribal women who have a beautiful hand in embroidery. What's surprising is these women can embroider in a straight line without any chalk markers! We also work with artisan communities that give work to women in their homes. Those women work on our pieces in between their daily chores.  





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