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Block Printed Napkins for Kids: Fun and Colorful Designs to Brighten Mealtime

Block Printed Napkins for Kids: Fun and Colorful Designs to Brighten Mealtime

15th Sep 2023

Do you have a kid who is still learning to name shapes, colors, and animals? Our block-printed napkins are the perfect tableware for them! With our colorful napkin designs, dining has never been more fun and educational for little children!

Why these block-printed napkins are great for your kids

You probably already know toddlers learn best by playing. They play naming games by identifying plants, fruits, colors, and whatnot. Aside from the toys, books, and shows, you can make learning more fun for your kids, even at the dinner table, by getting children's tableware.

Our range of children's tableware includes block-printed napkins that come in different playful patterns and colors. These fun dining accessories will encourage your kids to enjoy learning as they make out the shapes, animals, and colors.

Reinforce learning in a fun and easy way with these colorful block-printed napkins for kids.

What's more, these adorable napkins will also work great as vibrant baby bibs! They're just the right size.

6 Best colorful napkin designs for your kids

At Ichcha, we are not just an eco-conscious brand; we're family-friendly as well. We've curated the best kid-friendly napkins you and your child will love.

1. Pina Napkins: The sweet smell of pineapples and the warm exuberance of the yellow color; this is one piece of tableware your child will adore. Just be ready to bring them some pineapples if this fruity napkin design gets them craving.

2. Moon Dots: Has your kid ever been fascinated by the moon or the night sky? These napkins will sure remind them of what that looks like. The golden dots are printed in such a way that makes them seem like half-moons and silver moons. Dinnertime can be more fun as your child happily learns how to identify these beautiful stellar objects.

3. Forget Me Not - Block Print Napkins in Terracotta: Covered in flowers and terracotta hue, these organic cotton napkins just scream childlike exuberance. You can bet it will soon become your toddler's favorite tableware as they delightfully point at the flowers during mealtime.

5. Hope Mustard Yellow Blockprint Napkins: This floral napkin is a fun dining accessory you want to give your child. It comes in a unique mustard yellow color that adds a lively aura to your table decor.

6. Baoli Block Print Indian Table Napkins: This napkin design is a fun pattern playing with the doorways and alleyways of houses found in India. Who knows, it might just inspire your child's fancy in architecture. The dark doorways look pretty much like something you could crawl into, and they never fail to intrigue little innocent children.

7. Dabu Block Print Napkins - Flowers on Terracotta: a colorful design that's playful and kid-friendly. See if your youngin' wouldn't be able to make out the flowers.

Minimize your environmental impact with our fun, eco-friendly napkins

These block-printed napkins are all 100% organic cotton, the most eco-friendly fabric you want to have if you're concerned about your carbon footprint. Plus, they're all hand-dyed in natural dyes and block-printed by hand. You and your child can contribute to saving Mother Earth with these sustainable napkins on your dinner table.

These napkins would make playful dining accessories

They're a perfect way to complete your kid-friendly table setting. If you want to make dinner more fun and encourage learning in your child, consider adding a block-print napkin to their tableware.

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