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Eco-friendly holiday gift guide

Eco-friendly holiday gift guide

10th Nov 2022

20 eco-friendly gifts to send this Christmas

Gifts are an excellent way to spread love and appreciate those who matter most to us. And as the year comes to an end, it becomes even more important than ever to take some time off our busy schedules and renew those connections through holiday gifting. But if you or the recipient is eco-conscious, it's a great idea to choose an eco-friendly holiday gift they would appreciate.

Remember that the best holiday gift isn't the most expensive one; it's a gift the recipient can relate with.

In this article, we highlight the best eco-friendly gifts you can send to that eco-conscious friend of yours.

1. Recycled Activewear

Is the recipient a workout freak? Then the best eco-friendly holiday gift you can possibly give them is a sustainable clothing. Leggings, sport bras, shorts, all made from recycled materials.

Sustainable Eco Friendly Loungewear

2. Organic Quilts

Quilting is pure art! And when made from repurposed materials and vintage fabric, there's no better way to gift a friend eco-consciously this holiday.

Upcycled sustainable quilts

3. Sustainable Loungewear

Intimate, comfortable, and eco-friendly, these sustainable clothing will make anyone feel good in their own skin. They're made from eco-friendly plant-based materials.

Sustainable Vegan Clothing

4. Sustainable Candles

Next on our list of best eco-friendly holiday gifts is this sustainable candle. Hand-poured and made from natural soy wax and scented with essential oil, this candle speaks sustainability. Your friend will think of you whenever they inhale the sensational aroma.

Sustainable Candles Holiday Gift

5. Eco-Friendly Deodorant

For the individual who prefers natural scents over toxic fragrances, this beautifully shaped deodorant would make the best holiday gift. Get their home smelling nice and natural.

Deodorant bar eco friendly gift

6. Tote Bag

We see shopping increase over the holidays, so getting that dear friend a tote bag isn't a bad idea at all. Best if it's a stylish, eco-friendly one.

Tote bag holiday gift

7. Handwoven Area Rug

Your friend may need some living room decorations this holiday, so save them some stress by gifting them a hand-woven rug made from natural wool.

Handwoven Rug Eco friendly holiday gift

8. Self-Care Planner

For the individual who very much prioritizes self-care or doesn't at all, this self-care planner makes an excellent eco-friendly holiday gift.

Self Care Planner meditation

9. Block Printed Curtains

These block-printed curtains are nature-inspired and can bring an outdoor feeling during the cold winter months. Made with natural dyes and block printing, it's a perfect eco-friendly gift to help the recipient with their holiday decorations.

Block Print Window Curtains Textiles Bohemian Home

10. Hand Woven Throw Pillows

Soft, hand-woven, and colorful, these throw pillows will quickly transform a drab looking space. Gift it to yourself or a friend who needs to add some flair to their living space.

Woven Pillows Home Holiday Room

11. Sustainable Gift Set

Tootbrushes, soaps,dish brush, and lots more, curate a gift set of sustainable home products your friend will love.

12. Reuseable Grocery Bag

This reusable grocery bag will last long and hold groceries without breaking

Reuseable Bags Eco friendly Holiday Gifts

13. Organic Cotton Beanie

Made from organic cotton, this beanie is a great eco-friendly holiday gift for the winter.

Vegan Holiday Gift Guide

14. Recycled Glass Vase

Made from recycled glass, this vase is decorated with color to make it a striking holiday décor item

Recycled Glass Vase Holiday Gift Guide

15. Zero Waste Kit

A perfect eco-friendly gift for that eco-conscious friend who’s trying to live more sustainably.

Zero Waste Holiday Gift Ideas

16. Compost Bin

An amazing eco-friendly gift to help anyone minimize the amount of waste they send to the landfill

Compost basket holiday gift

17. Glass Necklace

Made from broken glass, this is an excellent eco-friendly holiday gift for anyone who loves jewelry

Glass Necklace Eco Friendly Handmade Gift

18. Sustainable Clay Cleanser

A sustainable gift anyone would love this holiday, this clay cleanser is made of between 95% and 98% naturally derived ingredients and packaged in recycled paper

Sustainable Face Cleanser Safe Vegan

19. Natural Lip Balm

This natural lip balm makes an excellent small holiday gift for the eco-conscious friend. Help them get their lips moisturized this winter while reducing their carbon footprint.

Natural Eco Vegan lip Balm Winter

20. BPA Free Fire Truck

Hardly would anyone believe that this extremely flashy toy vehicle was made from recycled plastic milk containers. A perfect ecofriendly holiday gift for the little’uns.

Fire truck kids toys holiday

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